Bovine Services

Emergency and Sick Cow Services

  • For all emergencies please contact us at our number: 613 835 2646. You can also reach us at this number to schedule an appointment for sick cows during regular hours (7:30am - 5:00pm M-F & 7:30am - 12:00pm Saturdays) 

Herd Health Management

  • Pregnancy diagnosis, fetal sexing, fresh cow and open cow exams
  • Heifer management and replacement programs 
  • Cow comfort; barn design, ventilation and troubleshooting
  • Nutrition; feed analysis, forage dry matter analysis, ration balancing 
  • Udder health and mastitis prevention and treatment
  • Fresh cow monitoring 
  • Vaccine management for cows and calves
  • Milking equipment evaluation 


Calf Management

  • Passive transfer; total serum protein analysis
  • Colostrum quality 
  • Disease investigation 
  • Housing and comfort
  • Growth and management plans


  • Our team of veterinarians can offer many surgical procedures on farm including displaced abomasum surgery, caesarean sections, wound repair, mass removal and routine castrations. We also offer referral services to our partner clinic Rideau St-Lawrence Veterinary Services for more complex procedures. 

Laboratory Services

  • We offer many in-house laboratory services including bloodwork to diagnose down-cow issues (blood calcium and phosphorus, markers of fatty liver), packed cell volume (PCV; hematocrit), milk antibiotic residue tests and milk culturing. We also collect samples and send out blood to diagnostic laboratories at the University of Guelph for many other tests including: NEFA's, Johnes, Leukosis, bull export blood work, respiratory panels, abortion investigations to name a few. 

ProAction Advisement

  • We have trained ProAction veterinary advisors to assist you with meeting and maintaining the requirements of the ProAction program including: CQM, food safety, animal care and traceability, biosecurity and the upcoming environment module (2020). 

Hoof Health

  • To ensure proper health of your herd, we offer hoof health services including: 
    • Foot bath protocols
    • Hoof trimming and treatment 
    • Lameness prevention plans 

Data Management

  • We can assist you with managing your herd records through DHI and DairyCompe305 software: 
    •  Heifer and young stock inventory 
    • Mastitis records 
    • Reproduction data
    • Herd and cow production 
    • Trend analyses

CFIA Accreditation

  • We have CFIA certified veterinarians who can assist you with:  
    • Export inspection  
    • Entry of animals to semen facility  
    • Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) screening 

Technician Services

Client Meetings